Dean Road and Manor Road Cemetery Trail

The trail starts at the small mortuary chapel, which is against the high wall backing on to Garfield Rd at the edge of Dean Rd cemetery. Follow the robin markers, answer the questions and find the Secret Garden. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled so that you can answer the questions. Don’t do the trail on your own…take an adult with you.

You can check your answers here, but no cheating…wait until you’ve done the trail! Give your sheet to a teacher or parent to check and get your Children’s University passport stamped.


Click to download the Robin Trail Worksheet


Question 1 What year was the mortuary chapel built?

Question 2 What was the chapel used for?


Stand with your back to the mortuary chapel doors, turn left and follow the robin marker down the path. Look at the headstones and other things around you for clues to help you answer the questions.


Question 3 How many years was William Wilton Stephenson a missionary in India?

Question 4 What was the name of the fishing boat carved on Samuel Ward Normandale’s headstone?

Question 5 Who planted the wildlife friendly plants in the flower bed on your left?

  • What creatures gather nectar from flowers?
    A. Bees
    B. Spiders
    C. Worms

Question 6 On your right you will see a war grave remembering Alex C Hick. What was the name of his ship, and how old was he when he died?

Question 7 Just before the next turning look up high on your right for a sea-related carving. What is the carving of?

Question 8 Take a good look around you. How many people do you think are buried in the cemetery?
A. 1,400 B. 10,500 C. 54,000


*** Follow the robin towards the tunnel ***


Question 9 On the right is a tall light coloured memorial with musical notes on it. What is the link with Australia?

Question 10 On the left is the face of a man with a long beard. What is his name? How old was he when he died?


*** Go through the tunnel ***

Question 11 The first headstone you come to is Leonard Thompson’s. What did he do in the cemetery and for how long?

Question 12 There are many dark leaved evergreen trees along here, which are often found in graveyards.Are they?
A. Pine trees
B. Yew trees
C. Oak trees


*** You will see the iron bridge ahead of you. Follow the path under it. ***


Question 13 Just before the bridge is the headstone for Frank Allan Roberts. Which war did he serve in?
A. World War 1
B. World War 2
C. The Boer War


**** Walk under the bridge and follow the path. Follow the robin to the right between two tall fir trees. ***


Question 14 Look for a memorial to William D Blanshard on your right. What was his nickname, and what job did he do?


*** Follow the robin to the right and then left. You will see the entrance to the Secret Garden. ***


Question 15 What can you see through the keyhole?

*** Walk up the path into the Secret Garden and explore it ***


Click to download the Robin Trail Worksheet